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ENRU develops and manufactures lithium-iron-phosphate battery-based energy storage systems for everyday and industrial use. What makes these energy storage units special is a unique control system that allows using energy cells more efficiently than similar products, all while retaining one of the lowest prices in the international market.
ENRU provides several models of energy storage units of 2.5 to 9 kWh with a lifetime of 13 years (5 thousand recharge cycles). The battery charges for two hours, produces almost no heat during operation, requires no extra cooling, and therefore makes no noise. If the battery is not used for a month, it only loses 3% of the charge. It can be installed and connected at home in just an hour. The inverter chip controls the entire system and transmits its status to the cloud. Using their smartphone, the user can see how much energy is currently used and where it comes from: the power line, the sun, or the accumulator.
The ENRU systems can be charged at night and supply power during the day; this way, the power will always be metered at night rate. The storage unit can also be connected to solar panels, allowing, among other things, to compensate for the morning and evening consumption spikes with the saved solar power. Finally, the ENRU battery can cover consumption spikes if the power supplied to the home is not enough.
The company plans on expanding its product line by extending the storage unit lifetime, entering new markets, and expanding its supply coverage, to Europe above all.

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