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Logistic robots

Ronavi Robotics is the only Russian developer and manufacturer of mass-produced logistics robots designed for autonomous operation in warehouses. Ronavi was established when the global logistics robots’ market did not exist yet; now it occupies one of the ten leading positions in this market.
Robot automation of warehouses reduces costs in large-scale online commerce: there is no need to pay for lighting, heat, or air conditioning. At the same time, as the logistics robots become more widespread, the people who used to work in warehouses can pursue creative work, and the available storage space increases three- to five-fold.
Nowadays, a Russian logistics robot is able to move up to 1500 kg of cargo at up to 5 km/h using QR tags for navigation. The Ronavi Robotics machines can charge independently and any number of them can be grouped in a “swarm.”
The company offers warehouse automation using the Robot as a Service model. This subscription model allows the warehouse owners to automate their warehouses with no capital costs; the subscription includes integration of the robot fleet in the customer’s ERP and round-the-clock AMR service. This business model is available for Ronavi H1500 with a carrying capacity of 1500 kg. These robots are compatible with pallet and shelf storage. The company gives you the opportunity to conduct a pilot project.
The company plans to extend the robot line in 2020–2021.

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