Backend Python developer

PLUSMINUS Electronics Lab

The PLUSMINUS Electronics Lab contract electronics development company designs both standalone embedded systems and complex hardware & software suites. PLUSMINUS engineers work in robotics, wearable electronics, the Internet of Things, and new power engineering.
The ability to create products that require a combination of software, reliable electronics, and rational design solutions means high qualification and experience at the intersection of different fields. PLUSMINUS is looking a system administrator for their team.


  • Improvement of the data processing and visualization website functionality;
  • Development of additional functions;
  • Communication with the clients, fulfillment of the goals;
  • Configuration of a server for the website.


  • at least 2 years of Python development experience;
  • at least 1 year of Flask development experience;
  • basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS;
  • ability to figure out and work with someone else’s code;
  • ability to make independent decisions;
  • knowledge of MySQL syntax;
  • ability to write your own requests and understand other people’s requests;
  • experience in working with stored procedures;
  • experience in architecture design.

We are offering

  • Official salary, level discussed at the interview.
  • Flexible hours;
  • Official employment.

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